What about Kiana? Aren't her and luke dating

luke would announce it publicly if he did have a girlfriend

but he doesn’t

so relax

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If you could date one of the boys who would it be ? Why ?

jai, idk theres just something about him that i like, love. 

and he’s just always been my favourite so i’d just love to date him haha xx

The first time I was neutral about Ariana but now I hate her. Now only did she hurt Jai but she lied to everyone about what she did to everybody to keep that aura of innocents around her. I don't trust her because once a cheater, always a cheater.

i’m really glad they’ve broken up again, hopefully he’s not silly enough to go there again.

does luke have a girlfriend

no babe 

trust me, you’ll know when he does haha x

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Daniel being so adorable in Ice Bucket Challenge video